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Kambu Flour
kambu is popularly known as pearl millet in English has lot of nutrient qualities.In south they make kambu dosai which is a great substitute for wheat and low content of gluten. Pearl millet is a rich source of phosphorus, which plays an important part in the structure of body cells. Phosphorus, found in pearl millets, is a significant component of several necessary compounds including adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This element is also a crucial component of nucleic acids, which are the building blocks of the genetic code. Phosphorus is a constituent of lipid-containing structures such as cell membranes and nervous system structures.

To Make Kambu Soru

Visalakshi Kambu Flour - 1 cup
salt - As Needed
water - 4-5 cup
Butter milk - 1/2 cup

Preparation Method
  • Heat 5 cup water in a pan. Once it starts boiling, add ready mix kambu flour into the water. Stir well and add salt to taste
  • Keep stirring it at low-medium flame. To avoid sticking at bottom, you need to stir it once 3-4 mins
  • The grains will be very soft and the whole mixture will look like porridge. Don't bother since it dries up after cooling and you can roll it into small balls and serve. Serve it with Pearl Onions, Green Chilies, Puli kuzhambu and Buttermilk / Curd

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